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Dry Reeds

Menopause Support

Menopause is something all females will experience whether it be:-

  • Induced due to cancer treatment

  • Surgically due to a hysterectomy or oophorectomy

  • Or a natural menopause due to age

For some, the menopause brings challenges but it is not an illness. The media try and sell us lots of expensive products to "improve" our symptoms but with education and some lifestyle changes we can empower ourselves to have an easier menopausal experience. 


One thing is for sure that just like when our spotty teenage skin and mood swings showed up in our teens, this stage of life will also pass. 

Separate to my therapy services I provide affordable menopause support and guidance to both women and men who are experiencing menopause challenges in their life.

As well as empowering women to make positive menopause choices to suit their needs I am passionate about supporting men in educating themselves on this subject. 


For every woman who is experiencing these changes in life there is a husband, boyfriend, friend, potential new partner, or work colleague who at present may not understand what is happening to someone in their life. As a man, it's important to understand what menopause is, how it affects women, and how you can support your loved ones during this time. Educating yourself about the menopause can help you be a better partner, friend, and ally to the women in your life. 

Our sessions are a space to address physical and emotional changes through personalised strategies and information.

Together we will cover: -

  • Information on what the menopause is from a hormonal perspective

  • Ways to deal with hot flushes

  • Getting better Sleep

  • Healthy Weight and the menopause

  • Good Sexual health and relationships

  • Staying fit and healthy during the menopause


Unlike many menopause coaches my sessions are not block booked for an astronomical price.

Sessions are £55 for an hour based on individual attendance. You have control of frequency of sessions and whether you want to attend online, face to face or on the telephone.

If you are interested in a couple’s session, please get in touch for more information and prices. 

please note I am not a couple’s therapist so any sessions would be restricted to the menopause information.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation if you have any questions just drop me a text message, what’s app or email and I will be in touch.

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